Nando’s Head office useless Fuckbook (sorry, typo—) FACEBOOK initiative

FACEBOOK likes:  19,000

recent coupons printed from their “nando’s faucke-book” page:  800

number of restaurants in canada:    let’s call it 25, but who’s counting, because half of them are useless and/or struggling to survive.

800 coupons printed off facebook.  25 restaurants.  An average of 32 coupons printed per store.  Nice return on equity of the marketing budget.  (3% of all sales, mind you!!!!  what a joke)

amount of money head office has spent on the fuckbook (sorry, typo—) faucke-book initiative

at last $25,000, by my guess.  the spycam and spyware that i have installed in the marketing department’s computer server (a vic-20) was doing such a good job until that Snowden guy outed the NSA involvement.  Everyone that NSA stood for National Security Agency, but actually, it stands for NANDO’S SOUTH AFRICA!!!!!

THE actual expenditure on fuckbook is more like $50,000, by my guess but let’s be nice and consider the investment to be $25,000.  800 coupons printed.  let’s say one-half of the coupons were actually used, or 400.  or an avg of 32 coupons printed per store, and 16 coupons redeemed per store.  if each coupon brought in $25 of business, then each store recd 16 coupons of business, or $400 of business.  Head office got 9% royalties, or $36, and each business turned a profit of about 25%, or $100 from the facebook initiative.

what a paltry return.  does no one in head office know what “return on investment” is?

gawd, these guys are useless.


we’re back! more head office screwing the franchisee

hi there.

we got sent to chicken concentration camp hell.  but we managed to escape.  I take a little sabbatical for six months, and all hell breaks loose, and nando’s head office continues to screw things up for their franchisees.

Oh, little birdy on my shoulder said that head office told franchisees at a recent meeting that there would be no additional franchised locations for the next 5-6 years.  Yes, you heard that right. Rather, head office is more concerned with padding their own pockets and building jumbo-sized restaurants in Calgary and downtown Toronto.

Not sure where that leaves head office in terms of actually having any time or energy for the little, ennsy-beensy franchisee who is struggling to make a go of it.  Now, that franchisee is even worse off, because head office doesn’t care, and arguably head office is in a conflict of interest, in terms of what head office’s interests are, vs what the interests of a franchisee might be.


more to come!

Mark-ing the one-year anniversary of Mark Majewski’s departure.


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January 11, 2012.
To all of our Franchise Partners,
It is with much regret that I am informing you that Mark Majewski has decided to leave his position as Director of Marketing at Nando’s Canada effective at the end of January this year.
Mark has been with Nando’s in a Senior Marketing role for over 6 years during which time he has played a very significant part in growing and developing the Nando’s Brand in Canada. Throughout his tenure he has always provided passionate and dedicated service to our Brand and been an inspiration to those he has worked with.  His commitment, passion and marketing expertise have ensured he leaves a business in excellent condition and a platform for further growth.
I am currently in the process of recruiting Mark’s successor and hope to be making an announcement in that regard within the next month.   I will assume Mark’s responsibilities from the end of January until such time as a successor is appointed, though Local Restaurant Marketing requests and approvals will remain with Rokhsan and Kait.  In the meantime I ask that you give Rokhsan and Kait, your utmost support during this period of transition.
I know you will join Dan and I in wishing Mark and his family ‘all the very best’ for the future.
Ron Cecillon
President and CEO
Nando’s Canada

Subway co-branding during the holiday season


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subway co-brandingAgain, smart marketing by Subway.  Everyone likes a good cause, and who can argue with a fundraiser for the food bank during christmas time? 

The best part of it?  They co-branded with a radio-station:  99.3 CFOX-FM.  This allows them to get a ton of airtime and airplay and mention of Subway, which is good for everyone.  This is marketing genius and guarantees a ton of radio-mentions for the entire four weeks that the promotion is in effect. 

Really………….how many raspberry cheesecake cookies do you think they will really sell?  It may not add up to a lot of money, but it’s the cause, it’s the publicity, and it’s a good idea that was dreamed up back in the summer and kudos to the local Subway marketing team for dreaming up something like this. 

This is smart marketing.

How Nando’s conquered Britain


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as published in The Guardian and The Observer, from the UK.  dated Sunday May 16 2010.

LINK to Guardian article on Nando’s UK market penetration

Note, that this is partly a result of the increased immigration in the UK from peoples from areas closer to the equator, that tend to like hotter, spicier foods.

Marketing in North America will need to be different because these demographics are not uniformly distributed across Canada, nor are they uniformly present in all regions of the various urban centres.  Nando’s Canada—-take note.

Subway Cafe offers a greater selection of beverages


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There is a large market for selling drinks, both hot and cold.  There appears to be an insatiable demand, and profit margins for them seem to be rather healthy, also.

subway cafe

The selection of liquid refreshment that I see at my local Nando’s seems pretty paltry, and this is likely costing the chain gross and net revenues as a result of the limited and paltry selection.

Spicy MamaBurger……now at A&W


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There is a growing demographic that enjoys spicy foods.

Some eat beef.  Some eat chicken.  Beef and beef-burgers simply isn’t common fare in many areas closer to the equator.  In parts of India, the cow is considered sacred, and simply isn’t eaten……… all.

Years ago, there were more curry houses in the UK than there were, fish&chip houses.  That evolution is slowly coming to North America, as more darker-skinned people immigrate here from areas closer to the equator. 

As more restaurants and fast-food joints figure this out, there will gradually more and more food alternatives for those people who are now Nando’s core clientele.

Dont take for granted, the customer loyalty that you are now enjoying.  Nando’s Canada HQ take note!  Eventually, these new migrants, and their next generation who are born in North America, will begin to take a liking to beef and burgers.  Dont’ wait to let someone come in and eat your lunch.


nando’s “last dictator standing” ad


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and then, the retraction and withdrawal:

This is great, creative, and memorable marketing—-count the number of hits, and you will see how many eyeballs this ad campaign garnered, probably intentionally.    Nando’s Canada needs to think of something along these lines to get the word out about Nando’s.